Kuala Lumpur

Well the first stop on my recent holiday was Kuala Lumpur.  So here are a few shots I took while there.

Can't remember what some of the shots were of so this could have been part of the mosque or it might have been the train station or it may have been neither of these!!!


I think this was definitely part of the mosque.

This was a shot in the train station I think.

Definately approaching the mosque here just at "Call to Prayer".

Another part of the mosque.

At prayer

The fretwork on this building was amazing.

Preparations for Chinese New Year were underway.

This seemed to be a throwback to colonial times - the grass had a cricket wicket in the middle of it and it all looked very "British".

A shot under the waterfall.

Think the chap who owned these had had enough and gone for a break!

Some of the older buildings.

The Chinese shopping street I believe all decked out for chinese new year.

This was so amazing a roof covered in statuettes.

Could not resist the temptation to take a shot of one of my obsessions - the hydrant!

The heady heights of the Petronis towers.

I don't think these are Bird of paradise plants but they were similar and everywhere.

The Hotel Maya was were we stayed on the 20 floor!!

Just trying to catch reflections in the building here.

Happy Chinese New Year

This shot was taken lying flat on my back in a pair of trousers that had split (not because they were too tight I might add)  that were still wet through from the mornings rain at the Batu Caves.

Hope you have enjoyed the images sorry I could not be more informative about the sights.

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