Saturday, 12 January 2013

Christmas Period

Well xmas was busy!!!!!!!!!  And I got a super new Macro lens which I have been practicing with ever since.   So here are some of the things I have been shooting.

This was the top of a christmas stocking  I love the narrow depth of field achieved here.

Moved outdoors down to Grimscar woods for the next shots.

Love the muted colours in this shot they seem to give the feeling of the crisp cold day that it was.

I am quite pleased with this particular shot. I think you get a similar feel for the temperature of the day.

I managed to find some fungii .

Still getting used to the macro lens and the shallow depth of field.

And I love again the muted colours of the fungii in these shots.

Oak Apples

How beautiful is that?

And a last splash of colour.

So that was my first venture out with the new lens...............

My next opportunity came in a car park in Bradford!!!   I set myself the task of finding something to shoot in this most unlikely of places.  This is what I came up with.

 Rather aptly I was at the back of the film and photography museum.

Maybe I should leave you guessing what these images are of.......... any ideas for this one?

It is a close up of the wall of one of the buildings.

                                         And so is this!

And this!

                       And would you believe this as well!
And some rotting frames
And someone must have had a long wait
to smoke so many ciggies


And what do you suppose this is?   Well it is a rusty signpost.  

And in between the pebbles I found  some plant life.

Okay so they are weeds but I thought them worthy of a shot.

I thought the colours here were great ......

whoever said "red and green should never be seen" obviously didi not know what they were talking about.

                The new growth pushing aside the old.
Autumnal debris still litters the street

In every nook and cranny.
And the colours are beautiful

I am really enjoying the new lens so far and will be posting more of my trials from the holiday period soon.  Don't forget to comment if you want to it would be nice to know what you think.

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  1. Hi kidda
    liked the rotting frame, the red and green branch and the lovely brown autumn leaf shots. Keep on practicing


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