Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Hodsock Priory

Went off to Hodsock Priory last Sunday with my intrepid friends Kath and Les.  Beautiful place that specialises in snowdrops at this time of year.  So here are some of the pictures I took while we were admiring the scenery.  I was practicing with my new close up filter on my 18-55mm kit lens and although some images seem okay I am a little disappointed with the quality of some (maybe when I fully understand how to use it I will produce better shots).

On arrival Neddy  refused to let me get a full face shot of him insisting that this was his best side and that was all I was getting.

A first look at the snowdrops.

Decided to get down and dirty for these without close up filter.

The floor in areas was literally carpeted with snowdrops.

Around about now we reached the Bacon butty van so a stop was required Kath and Les went to order the fodder and I took pics!

With food ordered we sat around the Trolls Campfire (fortunately no trolls to be seen anywhere).

After our welcome snack and a shooting competition with the litter bin we set off again.

Snowdrops in amongst the remains of autumn and winter.

Kath pointed out this rather strange growth on one of the ancient trees - not sure what it was but did not look like a burr.

How the mighty are fallen

An interesting decaying stump.

Time to get down and dirty again - the looks and comments ranged from "Is she alright"?  To "What she takin a picture of that for"?  

Along the way several rotted tree stumps seem to have been carved into pleasing structures but they may just have weathered that way.

Noticed this pine cone in with some snowdrops so tried to be artistic with the shot - don't know if i was at all successful but I like the shots.

More ground level shots.

Liked the colours and textures in this little log pile.

Tried a close up of the bark.

The bridges had all been constructed mainly from the natural tree branches.

Les doing his impression of Piffy on a rock  (tree stump)

Meanwhile I am still grovelling around on the floor looking for that perfect shot!

Meanwhile Kath spots some interesting end grain - "Come and have a look at this"

Eventually Kath moves out of shot so I can get the shot I want.

And this is the end grain Kath was peering at.

And just a bit closer.

Back on the floor and trying to be arty again but I did not manage to get the sky out of my shot.

They did have other plants in the garden so I tried out my close up filter on these.

Here is a shot of the Priory itself - shame about the car and people!

Another "Come and look at this" moment from Kath led to the following shots of the magnolia buds.

Still in the garden area I took some more with the close up filter on. Sticking to ones that did not involve grovelling on the floor this time.

Another view of the Priory - the steps are wonky but no people or cars !!

Just loved the mass of green in this plant - can't remember its name.

Back on the floor for the crocus shots !!  Good job I had my best trousers on!!

These two trees were well and truly dead and were a little spooky .

Noticed this red and green ivy - more interesting than the normal colours.

and close up

Just a section of some pretty dangly flowers on a bush - any idea what it is? 

And a lovely splash of yellow in these.

We reached the lake (well more like a pond but a bit bigger.

Les catches me catching him !!!

And another "oohh! look at this"  

Another view of the Priory with people - but I quite like their reflections.

A beautiful old sprawling tree - I think it is a willow.

There were many cyclamen to be seen in this section of the garden .

As well as some larger snowdrop varieties.

More interesting weathered end grain.

Side and front views of this pretty flower.

More cyclamen - so tiny and delicate.

Close ups of the Monkey puzzle tree

High up on a tree on the way out I noticed some fungi so had to have a shot of that.

And finally a shot of this old tree which I think is dead  but maybe not.

I had a great time at Hodsock Priory - Thanks to Kath and Les for suggesting it and taking me along with them.  Hope you have liked the photos.  Please feel free to comment.

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  1. looks like you had a nice day kidda. Couldn't pick a favourite.


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