Saturday, 8 June 2013

Bluebell Time

Well it seems a while since I put anything up on here so this is a collection of images taken on my May visit to Tamworth to go to Hopwas Woods with my Uncle Tony to see the bluebells. It was probably the first really nice morning in May for a while and so lots of people were out making the most of it before the forecast of rain for the afternoon.

One of our first sights was a swan on its nest (not sure if it was the male or female)

It kept an eye on us as we passed to make sure her eggs (or brood) were safe from harm.

Seems to me that Buddha is everywhere these days.

Hope that dustpan is not for bailing out !

I thought some of the boats would need their bumpers today as it was already really busy on the canal.

Time for a spot of repairs to the other form of transport

Our first sighting of the bluebells.

 And now for some more.....................

Oops !  That's not a bluebell.

You see some strange sights in the woods  ..........

Loads of people out walking their dogs - so nice to not be rained on!

New growth springing forth at last.

Anyone know what time it is?

More canal traffic

Told you it was busy

Time for a rest then

Right back downthe canal for a well earned lunch in the pub.

Not sure if this is cherry or apple blossom bt it was beautiful.

Think the bike must be fixednow.

Even the coalman decided it was too busy a day to miss.

And the swan remained dutifully on the nest to make sure the new brood would have a great start.

Everything always looks so much better in lovely sunshine - what a pretty garden .

And finally back at the pub waiting for them to open their doors so took some shots of the hanging basket - here is one of the better ones.

 Hope you liked the images - Hopwas woods is a lovely place and we had a lovely day - thanks for lunch again Tony.

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